Tony Little’s Perfect Trainer™ is a new generation, compact exercise device that will enable you to quickly and easily re-shape your entire body, burn off excess body fat and to be trimmer, firmer and healthier!

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Perfect Trainer® is Designed to Deliver Maximum Results

Perfect Trainer exercise machine

Your Perfect Trainer® with Tony Little comes complete with a selection of specially designed exercise programs aimed to re-condition your body, build muscle and cardiovascular fitness and to reclaim your health and energy levels. Low-impact and joint-friendly, Perfect Trainer® allows you to work on cardio, strength, endurance, & flexibility with a full range of compound exercises.

  • 3 levels of resistance
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Great for all fitness levels
Includes Perfect Trainer® resistance machine, 2 ankle cuffs for lower body workout, 4 nylon strap exercise handles, exercise wall chart, 2 Perfect Trainer® Total Body Workout DVDs with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workouts, 1-year Exclusive Membership to Tony Little’s Personal Trainer Helpline, and 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Maximum user weight 375 lbs  |  Approximately 30″ x 26″ x 48-1/2″  |  Approximate weight 25 lbs

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Get Quick, Efficient Workouts with Tony Little & Perfect Trainer®

Your Perfect Trainer® with Tony Little comes complete with a selection of specially designed exercise programs aimed to re-condition your body and build muscle as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. These programs can help to reclaim your health & lost energy levels. They are based on three, result-producing principles:
Upper body workout on Perfect Trainer and Tony Little

Alternating short bursts of active exercise with periods of rest and recovery.

Tricep exercise on Perfect Trainer

Progressively increasing the intensity of your workout over time.

Lower body exercises on Perfect Trainer with Tony Little

Creating variety in your workout routine to prevent hitting a “fitness plateau”.


When working out with the Perfect Trainer® with Tony Little your workouts are shorter – unlike conventional forms of long, drawn out exercise. Science has shown that shorter bursts of exercising based on the “wave” principle can produce significantly better results in less time than conventional steady state exercises. Alternating between repeated, short bursts of higher intensity activity, followed by periods of lower intensity to rest and recover, stimulates what is called the “afterburn” effect, meaning you burn calories long after your workout is over. This helps to accelerate overall fat loss. In short, with the Perfect Trainer® and Tony Little you can expect to achieve maximum results in minimum time.
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